“Having a robust paper based system in place we were confident that our upsell process was delivering optimum results.

However, with EVHC the improvement in daily upsell was incredible – to the point where we had to recruit additional staff. More than just the short-term benefit though, what has really impressed us over time is the amount of ongoing additional sales we are generating from the deferred work.

The system is extremely efficient and reliable and the quality of support from Autoconnect is the benchmark for others to aspire to.

The results we have achieved have been so significant that I cannot see how anybody could justify a workshop that doesn’t use this type of system in today’s commercial environment.”

Nathan Tomlinson | Aftersales Director | Devonshire Motors

“EVHC has been instrumental in helping us to deliver a professional and speedy service, to the joint benefits of profitability and customer service. No longer do my customers suffer the disjointed and illegible scrawl of my technicians pen – instead, they are provided with a clean, crisp document which neatly shows them an easily understood overview of the condition of their vehicle.

Adapting to the system was quick and painless for both technician and service advisor alike, and the support team at Autoconnect have been endlessly accomodating in absorbing suggestions to help tailor the system to our specific requirements. EVHC has proved incredibly reliable and secure, helped by immediate and understanding support from Autoconnect staff.

We now have a specific, measurable system for logging upsell and, most importantly, ensuring we are contacting our customers at the correct time for deferred work. By maintaining the number of customer ‘touch points’ we are not only upselling more, but also creating other opportunities to sell, including warranty’s, smart repairs and even new car sales. The opportunities with EVHC are endless….”

Jody Boyle |  Aftersales Manager | Avonvale Honda

“Hi John

Just a quick thank you for all your help with EVHC which you have been looking after for me over the past couple of years. The response from my technicians with the new iPod is great, they say that it is so much easier and quicker to use. The additional regular updates go down well, cutting down the input time.

The support that you have also given my Service Advisors has been invaluable. EHVC is also a great tool to be able to measure the performance of both our technicians and service advisors up sell and deferred work.

Thanks again for all your help,

Craig Curtis
Aftersales Manager
Gatwick Honda”